Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double Dip

Fall is here but unfortunately I'm trying to hold on to summer just a bit longer.  Thus inspired this little ensemble I put together.  With the all black knee shorts and blazer I opted to brighten it up a bit with the color yellow (also with hopes it would uplift my mood since warmer weather is now a thing of the past.)
Was going to wear yellow tights to accentuate the yellow shirt but reconsidered the idea after determining the color was too stark for my complexion and would draw unneeded attention to my scrawny legs.  So I put on my "thinking cap" and came up with this creative idea to double dip.  I took a pair of modified fishnet tights and put them on over top the yellow tights and hence you see a version of herringbone designed tights with a peek-a-boo color of yellow underneath.  Just the right touch to add a little drama to an ordinary ensemble.
Damn I'm good!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A thing of Animalistic beauty!

This weekend, my husband and I were invited to a birthday party.  I love any opportunity to get dressed up so I was really looking forward to it.  Originally I had planned on wearing this really cute, form fitting dress until as fate would have it I lucked up on this cute shirt I salvaged at a garage sale.  Yes, I said it a garage sale.  Brand spanking new with tags still attached.  I'd make you blush if I told you how much I paid for it.  Although the print of the shirt is quite bold it was fitting for me based on my body type.  I am about 5'7" with broad shoulders and average body build.  When contemplating attire with prints whether everyday or for special occasions one thing to remember is that you should choose prints that coorelate with your body type.  Short, petite sized body types should choose prints that are small to medium in defintion so as not appear too overwhelming in conjuction with your frame.  As for average/tall, to medium/larger figures you should choose prints that are larger in definition.  Any thing petite or too small would  be lost amongst your frame and can make you appear larger than life.  This same rule of thumb applies to the size of accessories (handbags, jewelry etc.) chosen to accenuate any ensemble you choose. 

 Although I really wasn't going for a theme with the attire I chose (given the tiger print blouse and feathered clutch) but it seems one just sort of formed all on it's own.  I call it Chic-CHIC with animalisitic tendencies!
This message has been brought to you by Mme. Closeture and is clothes captioned for the stylish impaired.

weardrobe details: black denim/Kenneth Cole; asymmetrical shirt/thrift; bronze peep toe pumps/Kenneth Cole;feathered clutch/Claire's

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excuse me...but is that a Murano you're wearing?

Today I added a new item to my laundry list of must have's.  A co-worker showed me a beautiful ring she purchased that is made completely of glass or otherwise known as "Murano rings".  The artistry of glass making originated in Murano, Italy a small island NW of Venice in the 13th century. Through refined technique Murano aritisans for centuries were known as the inspiration behind crafting beautiful glass into art.
Today, it's an artistic display of exceptional craftmanship and intricate yet delicate sophistication.  Talk about a conversation piece.  Depending on the style, size and color it could easily transcend into ones' weardrobe as an oversized cocktail ring, modern day hardwear, or a funky yet chic weekend piece.  They come in a variety of colours and techniques and would make wonderful Christmas presents for all ages and the price ain't bad either.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Enquiring minds want to know.

Today I received an email from a faithful follower who asked what a proposed style maven like myself would typically wear on the weekend. Since I've never posted about weekend wear or my own for that matter, I consider it a fair question. To tell you the truth I find it ironic to receive a question about my weekend wear when I was just discussing with a girlfriend of mine just the same thing and my lack there of. I really don't have what I call "dress down" wear because typically on the weekends I don't do much. When I do, I tend to pull together bits and pieces of my work wear which is streamlined to look somewhat "casual". Even though a lot of my wear can transcend into casual clothing I would really like to build a stylish, yet effortless and comfortable weardrobe just for weekends sake.

Here is a look put together as I am heading off to my son's 1st football game for the season. (THey won 6-0) Go Jacguars!
weardrobe details: boyfriend jeans, husbands/scoop neck shirt, Old Navy/scarf, Old Navy/bejeweled sandals, Kenneth Cole
This message has been brought to you by Mme. Closeture and is clothes captioned for the stylish impaired.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Til I'm black and blue

Today is Friday, FINalLy and with Friday that means casual wear (meaning jeans for me) but unfortunately I couldn't indulge because of an important meeting I had to attend. Decided on an ensemble that paired together two colors that as of late most style guru's find acceptable in thy sight but I just never debuted it as a color palette within my own weardrobe until now.
It's funny how some style aesthetics aren't acceptable until a treaty has been passed by the industry experts and everyone is given a right of passage. In my social circles, long ago pairing solid black and solid blue together was a no-no as was the well known "can't wear white after labor day". It seems that as I've gotten, um, I'm I've matured over the years so has my viewpoint on fashion and style and what's acceptable and what's not. To many times we try and dress to please others around us just so we'll fit in or meet standards of what society deems as sociably acceptable. The other day I overheard a comment being made to a woman on the fact that she was committing a fashion faux pas because she was wearing a white shirt and it was the first day after labor day. Of course feeling very assured of herself she quickly corrected the comment in a matter of fact tone by stating that the actual rule is you can't wear white pants and white shoes after labor day. It took every inch of me not to say anything but in my mind I wanted to ask who says it's a rule and why do we follow it if we're free thinkers of the free world. But I felt that was a little too deep and philosophical and besides I too once followed those same rules until I opened my eyes and became like other free-thinking expressionist. My rebellious attitude now is that I wear what I want and when I want as long as it makes me look good and feel good and this I'll preach til I'm black and blue.

weardrobe details:black shirt, Simply Vera/blue pants,ExPress/shoes, Kenneth Cole

This message has been brought to you by Mme. Closeture and is clothes captioned for the stylish impaired.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Style for thought

I stumbled across an interesting rant the other day over at Imogen's spot where the topic of discussion was on an all to common conundrum for women about why we let ourselves go. In my reading, I began to ponder one of the questions that was posed on whether it's right for a woman (or person) to be labeled as vain or self centered just because they choose to take pride in their personal image.

I felt it worthy to expound on this question because all too often I think people sometimes label me on this same basis. I think honing in on one's self image is not vanity but merely a nonverbal form of communication one makes in expressing the love, care and respect they have for themselves. This is a viewpoint I can embrace and use to my advantage and it's not for vanity's sake or because I'm self centered. I merely use it as a tool in boosting not only my self confidence and self esteem but my happy quotient as well. Just the mere task of getting my hair done or wearing a killer ensemble can uplift my spirits to exponential levels, which greatly impacts my interactions with everyone around me in a positive way.
Ok, so even though I live in the suburbs and I'm a full time wife, mother and working woman; your wondering why go through all the rigmarole when I should have more important things to focus on than my appearance. That may be true but I can't ignore the fact that "I" matter just as much as every other thing and person in my life. I feel showcasing that fact through having a tailored self image and a couture personal style is something to be celebrated not shunned. So maybe in that regard, I am a little self centered because I choose to live a life where precious time and effort is spent in catering to my self image and how I'm presented to the world. But if I'm wrong in my tactics and so called self involved mindset...then believe me I don't want to be right.

This message has been brought to
you by Mme. Closeture and is clothes captioned for the stylish impaired.
Weardrobe details: retro floral dress, B-Squared/ 80's inspired earrings, thrift/shoes, Kenneth Cole/belt, Claire's

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{GQ} is not just an attitude, it's a way of Life!

Ok, today's episode of The Closeture is dedicated to the style savvy yet fashion conscious male. A male who believes that fashion and style should be incorporated in every aspect of man's weardrobe irregardless they're social or professional stature. So whether a high level executive, a blue collar steel-toe or a round the way B-boy... it's all relative.
My hubby for instance is a prime example of the modern GQ male with fly boy tendencies. Not that he's over-the-top and style obsessed like myself but he is one that makes every ensemble intentional. I love the fact that he doesn't abide by worldly trends or mainstream fashion and his sense of style is very diverse. It involves an eclectic mixture of retro, urban, modern and classic. His weardrobe today may fit the bill for the standard corporate dress but he always mixes it up by adding his P.S. stamp through prints, textures or bold colors in his tie, shirt, shoes or pocket square...which by the way he says is his signature trend for 2009.
weardrobe details: tie, Macy's/suit pants & vest,unk/white collar shirt, Sean John/watch,IWC-Asia